Just a Little Note

It’s been a good while since I wrote my last posting.

I have moved to a lovely little studio in the heart of Ashe County, North Carolina. And it’s been nine months settling in to a new environment, very safe for someone disabled. I no longer have an excuse to procrastinate and will use the blocks of time ahead to flesh out my website which may take quite some time.

While I might not be able to travel and explore like I used to, I have discovered that you can travel and explore via satellite, observing beautiful textures of what’s left of the beautiful planet we inhabit. One example is seen in a painting I did not so long ago, of Rhub al-Khali, the largest contiguous desert, located in Saudi Arabia and I was able to see it without a passport from 25,000 miles above. No doubt the Anglicized version of this area will probably be known as Rhubarb Ali.


I explore different places quite often, using Google Earth, and I’m struck by the beauty which we so easily defecate. Just yesterday I was reading how mountaineers going up Everest, readily trash what they are attracted by. Isn’t that what scientists do, when they send out satellites landing probes? Trash in like manner? We are the wrong stewards of such a beautiful creation. “Come quickly, Lord Jesus!”

All my images are available as greeting cards.