"I want to be surrounded by colour!"


"The heavens declare the glory of God; the sky displays His handiwork."  Ps.19

We are fast slipping out of summer months and fall colours will be upon us pretty soon!

After a successful show at the beginning of August, as part of the Ashe County Studio Tour, when many folks kindly blessed my daughter Rosie and myself with visiting us in a remote part of North Carolina, it is time to look ahead. Please note that if you ever desire to come out and visit, you would be most welcome, and if you time it right you can stay on for lunch :-)

For those of you who need to be reminded with regard to my location, just Google "Kosinski Studio" and you can download your tailor-made directions, taking in the sights as you go along.

I can't promise that we will have brilliant weather, especially after three beautiful seasons. It's been pretty damp recently, and the leaves are turning brown rather than what I had hoped for. Still I'm very grateful for all the inspiring perspectives, and luscious green ground cover and late summer blossom, offered by such overlooked displays as Ironweed and Goldenrod gracing the countryside.

I was just reflecting the last couple of days how we are blessed through seeing colour! And yet it's irradiated appearance is strictly determined by the surface quality of anything that we look at. You can't exhaust the wonders of the way light illuminates in life, and make no mistake about it, it's not an accidental blessing. When we see any colour, it's because the surface that we look at holds back and captivates a measure of the spectrum from our eyes – that one simple factor completely affects the palette that we paint from, often subconsciously. Seeing the relationship between colours is another field of interest – yes colours have an impact on each other, in our perception as we look and see. So many very complex relationships going on simultaneously – do we ever have an excuse for not wondering at the sheer beauty around us, other than being too busy.....? I often ponder what little nano-creatures, with compound eyes, are able to see compared to our field of vision. I was once gripped watching two butterflies, fifty feet apart, flying the same trajectory – and wondered how clearly they perceived each other as they dashed around in low orbit.

So it is September 1 – and I have mounted a new selection of prints available, based upon paintings prepared for the last show. These can be viewed by clicking SIGNED PRINTS and you can shave off the price somewhat by using the discount code SALAMI-SLICE which activates after $100 purchase. For those who are looking for signed copies of my ARTBOOK, which I will be narrating on a youtube clip one day, these are currently on special offer at 50% discount if you punch in RETAIL-ME-NOT at the checkout :-)

George Kosinski :-)

PS – for historic pre-stroke collection of paintings, please visit Claire's Online Boutique where you will also see some fine Israeli jewellery – and for another separate collection of watercolours on display at Rebekah Kosinski Gallery

George Kosinski

George Kosinski was born in Scotland, raised on the romantic shores of the Irish Sea, on the edge of the English Lake District, where he practiced Architecture from 1978 to 1991, before embarking on a full time career as a watercolor artist based in Jerusalem from 1991 – 2000. A sojourner at heart, he traveled throughout Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Sinai & Egypt, a troubled region, but where he was immersed in hospitality. He communicated his affection for historic buildings and pristine landscapes through the wonderful picture language of art, easily understood across borders and what has become a very personal journey in watercolors …. From 2002 until now, he has lived in a quiet spot out of trouble, in the Appalachian mountains, contrasting with the desert places due to an abundance of rainwater, which profoundly influenced the colors of his palette. During an interlude in the coastal region of South Carolina in 2012, George enjoyed studying the splendor of Brookgreen Gardens and remnants of old plantations rich in wildlife. Steeped in history, there was a pull-back to the old country while looking at historic buildings and spending a three month artist residency at Hobcaw Barony, near Georgetown. Not being enamored with settling down, he has returned to Ashe Co in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which he calls "home". Here, he peacefully continues studies of ancient creeks, flowers, mists and the play of the sun while still painting fast disappearing remnants of the Near East, where the skills of masonry and hand-crafted geometric designs are almost long gone. His studio is open to visitors by appointment As a footnote George experienced a serious stroke in October 2014. He is obstinate and determined to continue painting, thankful for being alive. He continues to be a lover of life, thank God