New Paintings

New Paintings from the Carolinas & Grayson Highlands

"Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone" – those words of Jesus echo down the ages and are applicable to many situations where traditional reasoning has become the corpse of 'wisdom', keeping us fastened to the rut. Tradition is such an enemy of truth, of the need to turn and be re-acquainted with fresh life. I've tried to find the right words to define where I am over the last nearly 3 years, since that eventful moment, when part of my brain got scrambled. How do you abbreviate "Post-stroke-makeover-period" and attach it to your artistic rehabilitation? PSMP? Not exactly an endearing 'Blue Period'! Perhaps you have a suggestion?  :-)

After spending many years, with my family, traveling, exploring and sojourning geographically, a new form of exploration has become available and at hand. I've often liked to respond with a little comment, especially when presented with visual wonders, and translated as interpretations into paintings, where any such gift I can only ascribe to my Creator.

Recently, I've been able to enjoy observing the best winter, spring and summer in my seventeen years in generously hospitable quarters in the United States and have found ample opportunity to reflect in details, many things that I previously took for granted. Immobility slows you down to a point where you can explore details within immediate reach. While not being able to handle large sheets of glass for protecting watercolours, I've been able to continue with miniatures and painting oils on canvas, which are so much easier to handle with one hand.

But I have noticed, as slow as life has become, things get done! So I've collected a series of paintings newly produced and have put them together on my website and you can browse through them on  Feel free to propagate to friends.

George Kosinski

"Whatever you do, work heartily as for the Lord and not for men." Colossians 3:23

George Kosinski

George Kosinski was born in Scotland, raised on the romantic shores of the Irish Sea, on the edge of the English Lake District, where he practiced Architecture from 1978 to 1991, before embarking on a full time career as a watercolor artist based in Jerusalem from 1991 – 2000. A sojourner at heart, he traveled throughout Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Sinai & Egypt, a troubled region, but where he was immersed in hospitality. He communicated his affection for historic buildings and pristine landscapes through the wonderful picture language of art, easily understood across borders and what has become a very personal journey in watercolors …. From 2002 until now, he has lived in a quiet spot out of trouble, in the Appalachian mountains, contrasting with the desert places due to an abundance of rainwater, which profoundly influenced the colors of his palette. During an interlude in the coastal region of South Carolina in 2012, George enjoyed studying the splendor of Brookgreen Gardens and remnants of old plantations rich in wildlife. Steeped in history, there was a pull-back to the old country while looking at historic buildings and spending a three month artist residency at Hobcaw Barony, near Georgetown. Not being enamored with settling down, he has returned to Ashe Co in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which he calls "home". Here, he peacefully continues studies of ancient creeks, flowers, mists and the play of the sun while still painting fast disappearing remnants of the Near East, where the skills of masonry and hand-crafted geometric designs are almost long gone. His studio is open to visitors by appointment As a footnote George experienced a serious stroke in October 2014. He is obstinate and determined to continue painting, thankful for being alive. He continues to be a lover of life, thank God