"Come away ......"

Sunrise from Bear Pen, NC

Sunrise from Bear Pen, NC

"Come away my beloved and be like a gazelle
or like a young stag on the spice laden mountains”

                                                             Song of Solomon

Looking out of the window this morning, a beautiful crisp and sunny day, a couple of degrees above freezing, the leaves are turning. It must be beginning fall? Appalachian Fall to be precise. September quickly passed and three oil paintings completed as I ready for the winter collection. Feel free to check out for a ruthless critique. Now, no ruth!

“Sunrise from Bear Pen” a mere half a mile away from me, if you are a crow. It must be the most beautiful outlook in Ashe County - but don't tell anyone!

“Sunrise over Ashe County” again looking from Bear Pen, but it could be anywhere as I’m just playing around with gentle illuminated motion.

“Shimmering Wilson Creek” I think the highest creek in Virginia. May I say that this hidden place, in Grayson Highlands, VA is very close to me. There were times I would come here for fellowship every day, doing the circuit of a couple of miles with Gracie, my golden retriever. We would run the loop over rocks and boulders, both of us excited at every twist and turn. It was luscious in summer, dripping with colour and shimmering sunlight, animated and awash with motion and dancing shadows formed by gentle cool breezes. The waters crystal clear. Click on the images for further information.

October might offer blazing copper tones and maple-reds, as I look up the hill from the house - let's wait and see! I’m mindful to paint in watercolours again and excited about the prospect of being encouraged to “come away” like a gazelle.

George Kosinski

George Kosinski was born in Scotland, raised on the romantic shores of the Irish Sea, on the edge of the English Lake District, where he practiced Architecture from 1978 to 1991, before embarking on a full time career as a watercolor artist based in Jerusalem from 1991 – 2000. A sojourner at heart, he traveled throughout Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Sinai & Egypt, a troubled region, but where he was immersed in hospitality. He communicated his affection for historic buildings and pristine landscapes through the wonderful picture language of art, easily understood across borders and what has become a very personal journey in watercolors …. From 2002 until now, he has lived in a quiet spot out of trouble, in the Appalachian mountains, contrasting with the desert places due to an abundance of rainwater, which profoundly influenced the colors of his palette. During an interlude in the coastal region of South Carolina in 2012, George enjoyed studying the splendor of Brookgreen Gardens and remnants of old plantations rich in wildlife. Steeped in history, there was a pull-back to the old country while looking at historic buildings and spending a three month artist residency at Hobcaw Barony, near Georgetown. Not being enamored with settling down, he has returned to Ashe Co in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which he calls "home". Here, he peacefully continues studies of ancient creeks, flowers, mists and the play of the sun while still painting fast disappearing remnants of the Near East, where the skills of masonry and hand-crafted geometric designs are almost long gone. His studio is open to visitors by appointment As a footnote George experienced a serious stroke in October 2014. He is obstinate and determined to continue painting, thankful for being alive. He continues to be a lover of life, thank God