Journey in Watercolours | 1991 - 1999 |

Once upon a time the Holy Land went through a period of expectancy, related to forging improved relations between countries surrounding Jerusalem, the City of Peace. This included building on the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, opening of borders between Israel and Jordan and the relatively stable environment in Lebanon and Syria resulting in much increased tourism and spending on the infrastructure related to that industry. Sadly, there was also much lost opportunity for people to extend mutual hospitality under those improved conditions and that, perhaps, was the main reason why people lost out on what can normally be gained through creative, friendly interaction. Entrenched opinions and reckless willfulness can have a devastating effect on civility.

During nine years of the last decade of the 20th century I had a wonderful opportunity to be based in Jerusalem, as an artist, and to move freely between six nations living in relative calm at that time. A calm condition which is necessary for friendly travel and exploration. I painted the images contained in this book, entitled "Journey in Watercolours" between 1991 and 1999, representing this quiet time as a unique expression of a better and hospitable atmosphere. The images offer a better press to one currently reported. It also hopes to serve as a reminder of fond memories of places visited by travelers to the Holy Land.

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